Blades of power

The site you have arrived at is based upon Rio Gallinas Schoool's Spring 2010 expedition titled Blades of Power. Rio Gallinas School for Art and Ecology is a public charter school for first through eighth grades in Las Vegas, New Mexico. As an Expeditionary Learning School, RGS develops long-term expedition topics that feature relevant and meaningful issues.

Blades of Power is currently (no pun intended) exploring the development of wind generated electricity. 5th through 8th grades are involved in this topic. It's featured case study is based on adjacent rural communities that are facing the proposed installation of 47 industrial turbines on the mesa above their towns.

The expedition brought students to Tucumcari, New Mexico to visit the North American Wind Energy Research Center. They witnessed a wind facility near Vaghn, NM. Students traveled to the site of the proposed wind farm and met activists against the placement of this facility. They interviewed and heard from an industry representative and have researched through the web multiple sides and positions of the industrial side to wind generated power.

The voice threads that you are to hear have been constructed by the students following their research and discussions. The issue is quite relevant as the County Commission seeks to finalize their ordinances for wind generated electricity in the next many weeks. Public opinion and opinions in the class vary.

Brianna's voice thread-Aesthetics of wind turbines
Siah's voice thread-Bernal mesa
Cassidy's voice thread-Wind power & birds
Cisco's voice thread-San miguel wind
Lexiee's voice thread-Wind turbine opposition
Rosie's voice thread-Visual impact of wind turbines
Zack's voice thread-Global warming
Isaac's voice thread-Wind turbine health issues
Jaibo's voice thread-Something incomprehensible
Mouse's voice thread-Pretty power
Maricela's voice thread-San miguel mesa
Martin's voice thread-Wind turbine LFN
Josilyn's voice thread-Turbines
Marisol's voice thread-Global warming
Estrella's vocie thread-The turbines who stare at goats
Christina's voice thread-How wind turbines affect communities
Teslin's voice thread-Wind turbines and birds
Nick's voice thread-Distance effects from wind turbines
Autumn's voice thread-Wind turbines & birds
Carmen's voice thread-Wind turbines & health
Cristopher's voice thread-Turbines & bats
Leroy's voice thread-Wind turbine pros & cons
Kiana's voice thread-Bats
Jasmine's voice thread-Noise and wind turbines
Kayleen's voice thread - Sacred Land
AJ's voice thread - Wind Farms in the Ocean

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